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Necessary Roughness

Everyone has issues to tackle...

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Fan community dedicated to the new USA Network series. Recently divorced, Dr. Dani Santino is assigned to be the new team therapist for the local pro football franchise, the New York Hawks. Share fanfiction, news, articles, graphics, etc about this great show with great cast!


1. Treat all members and visitors of the community with respect. Attacks and abuse of members is strictly prohibited and a ban from the community will be issued immediately.

2. Posts related to the USA Network show, Necessary Roughness, it's cast and characters, of any form is welcome however, a link back to the source of any article is required.

3. Do not repost any entry that is not yours. Do not archive any story without the author's expressed permission. Do not hotlink any image without the creator's expressed permission.

4. Visual media (graphics, videos) entries are required to be linked to another journal/community or behind an LJ cut if posted directly to necessroughness. Preview graphics are limited to 3 ICONS, or 1 graphic maximum size 300x150. Video embeds are to be put behind an LJ cut.

5. Promoting of communities not related to Necessary Roughness must be approved by a moderator. If approved, a note at the bottom of the post indicated as such must be present. Any Necessary Roughness related community does not require pre-approval. If you did not speak with a mod prior to posting a non-fandom entry, it will be deleted without notice.

6. Minimize spamming of entries. If you post five chapters of a story to your journal at a time, DO NOT post about each chapter individually. Include each chapter inside ONE entry.

7. Tags are your friends! Use them! If you do not see a tag that fits your entry, then please use the Page a Mod tag and leave a note at the bottom of your entry describing briefly the type of tag you require.

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